Swimming Pool Ideas for Any Size Yard

Adding a swimming pool to your backyard has plenty of benefits. In addition to providing you with somewhere to entertain, it means you spend less money on trips to local pools. Additionally, it is an excellent way to bring value to your home. All you need is the right swimming pool design.

Make the Most of Small Space

Your swimming pool design doesn’t need to take up a huge amount of space. If your backyard isn’t very large, you can skip ornate landscaping, waterfalls, or other decorative features in favor of creating usable space. Install your pool as close to your home as you can and pave the surrounding areas to create a usable patio for grilling and seating. 

There are several other things you can do to make a pool work in your small space as well. Dotting flowers only around the pool area will add landscaping if that’s what you prefer, but still provide a grassy area for the kids to play. If you prefer a decorative pool, you can make a smaller design that looks like a fish pond or add in-water plant features.

Fill in a Large Space

If you have a large yard, chances are you’ll want to fill in some of the space to create more functional and visually interesting areas. Start with the pool, of course. If you prefer something modern with sleek lines, create an Olympic-sized pool with a traditional deck, diving board, and pool house. Do you want something large but more unique? Build in a waterfall, water slide, and plenty of water-happy foliage. Perhaps you’re interested in something truly unique. Skip the traditional pool in favor of a backyard lake complete with a surrounding of trees for a picnic area.

Regardless of how large your yard is or what design you prefer, it’s important to work with professionals when choosing a swimming pool design. Doing so ensures your pool is safe, functional, and as beautiful as you imagined.