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Secure & Seamless Transition

Love the idea of a smooth transition from your home or business into the sea? Looking for a safe and secure location to house your boat when not in use? Whether you're starting from scratch, or looking to repair or restore and existing dock, our team at GSM are here for you. We will help you create the perfect waterfront dream - choose from a wide selection of materials.


Wood Docks

Wood docks are typically the most popular and economic material choice for docks in south Florida. This material adds a classic, natural look to your waterfront yard. Each wooden dock will be stained or sealed following the initial installation. We also offer customers the option to choose between different woods depending on their preferences and needs.


Composite Docks

Composite docks offer property owners the benefit of a low maintenance, durable docking material. You can choose from a seemingly endless selection of styles such as wood like grains, or different color choices. Composite decks are typically fade, stain, and mildew resistant, and can be cut and constructed into custom dock shapes and sizes.


Concrete Docks

Concrete docks can give waterfront areas an elegant, modern look. Additionally, concrete decks can be easier to customize than wood or composite, as they are typically poured onsite. Each concrete dock is tested for strength, to ensure durability for years to come. Concrete docks also tend to be affordable and low maintenance.

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