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Experienced Pool Professionals

At GSM Builders LLC,  we put your luxury pool or spa within reach through the efforts of our certified and trained pool builders in Fort Lauderdale, FL. From tweaking existing pools and spas to designing and building new ones, we bring over a decade of care and experience to every project.


Design, Installation

With decades of pool design and building experience, you're in good hands with GSM Builders. We will help you design the perfect pool for your home, condo or business. This includes selecting the right materials, size, water type, and shape. You may want to add some custom features such as LED lighting or a water feature - we can do that do. Once the design is complete we'll carry out all construction and installation tasks.


Pool & Spa

If you're pool or spa is ready for a makeover, look no farther than GSM. As with our new pool design and construction services, we'll sit down with you to figure out how to transform your old pool or spa into a modern, luxury oasis that you can't wait to spend hours at a time in. Additionally, we want to minimize waste and costs, so we will always look to utilize the existing infrastructure as much as possible.


Pool Resurfacing
& Finishing

Resurfacing and finishing your pool is an essential part of maintaining the health of your system. The "finish" is the last layer of material to go in the swimming pool before you can start to fill it with water. Therefore, a tough product with a smooth finish is the best option. We can help you select the best option for your new pool or pool repair project - from a soft pebble to a smooth white liner - it's all up to you.


Quality Control &
Product Warranties

A pool is a big investment. Therefore, we want you to always feel protected. Customer service and satisfaction is the foundation of our decades in business. Following each project we will conduct a thorough quality control check to ensure that each and every detail is up to our high standards. We will also keep you well informed on the warranties of each of the various products we use during your project.

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Smart Pool Technology

Smart Pool = Hassle Free Enjoyment

Through our innovative smart pool technology, you can always ensure your pool is exactly how you want it. Control temperature, lighting, waterfalls and pumps. Additionally, you can stay informed in case of any disturbance or irregularity in the system - at the touch of a button. 

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