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Preparing Yourself for a New Pool

At GSM Builders LLC,  we put your luxury pool or spa within reach through the efforts of our certified and trained pool builders in Fort Lauderdale, FL. From tweaking existing pools and spas to designing and building new ones, we bring over a decade of care and experience to every project.


Building Time

Building times vary based on the scope of your project, your contractor and things that are out of everyone’s control. But it is always a good time to build a swimming pool. Keep in mind that Florida’s rainy season and holidays can cause delays.

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One day of rain can delay a week plus. Even if the forecast predicts rain, and we can plan for it, this can still affect progress. We try to organize our projects with minimal dependence on ideal weather conditions (out of major storm seasons).

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Permits & Inspections

Permits will be pulled by your contractor and inspections scheduled as necessary. However, a contractor cannot guarantee they can get an inspector to come out the moment they completed a portion of the project that requires an inspection.


Change Orders & Materials

Most changes from the original plan you want for the project, including materials and finishes, will affect the timeline. We will need to, in many cases, re-order the materials and thus wait for delivery - delays and additional costs may be incurred.



Production expectations should be based on weekly progress, not daily progress. We always aim to stick to the projected timeline, but experience tells us that there can always be unexpected circumstances in production.



When digging, problems such as difficulty detecting the waterline, and obstruction by old sewer lines, septics, etc. may occur – Speak with your contractor to understand possible delays and costs could be incurred if an issue arises.

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