The Benefits of Building a Floating Dock

A dock is an essential structure that provides access to watercraft or a walkway alongside the water. The unique design of Marine Construction requires specialized knowledge and consideration and adds functionality and appeal to waterways and oceanfronts. 

What Is a Floating Dock?

A floating dock is built with durable material that can withstand heavy foot traffic and exposure to the elements. This type of Marine Construction floats on top of the water instead of being anchored. Floating docks are now commonly used in commercial and independent settings, where before they were generally only found in the major ports. 

These docks can be used as footbridges or walkways that provide a pleasant place to walk along the ocean or gain easy access to the beach, a restaurant, or a shop that overlooks the water. 

Where Can They Be Used?

Marine Construction can take place in nearly any body of water when it is done correctly. Be careful of the type of structure built in areas that have heavy water traffic, as they will need to withstand more turbulent waters and wear.

It is a good idea to work closely with an engineer and an architect so you can be sure that the structure you have built is sturdy and strong. They can perfect the design for long-term use.

The client should always have a say in the aesthetic elements of the dock’s design. You may want to choose colors and materials that complement the nearby buildings and businesses or blend in with the surrounding environment. You can incorporate colors and textures on the walkway portion of the dock to reflect the natural elements of water and sand. 

A floating dock can be a fun and useful addition when constructed properly. They can be customized for nearly any location and purpose. They are a convenient solution that provides the water access you need.