The 4-Step Process of Pool Design and Construction

With the busy happenings of everyday life, work, after school activities, familial obligations, a backyard oasis can offer a relaxing reprieve, allowing you to recoup from the day and rejuvenate for tomorrow. Nothing says city oasis quite like a pool; its soothing water, temperature control settings, and possible dazzling light shows and water features always providing a new and welcoming escape from the world outside. Before diving deep into swimming pool construction, it is necessary to know what you are in for during the planning and development stages; from start to finish, it is a four-step process.

1. Meetings and Consultations

As with any construction project, you should meet with several builders, reviewing their estimates, acknowledging their experience, and focusing on their communication skills. A pool is a significant purchase, and you must feel comfortable with the investment and the contractor. Every reputable builder should offer up references, explain their license and insurance policies, and answer all questions with patience and attention to detail.

2. Rudimentary Design and the Contract

When you settle on a single builder, you can begin to discuss specifics, deciding on a rudimentary design and estimate, providing enough detail to develop and sign a contract. While builders will use these initial stages to create a reasonable price, swimming pool construction can be unpredictable, meaning you should always have a contingency budget, at least 10%.

3. Final Details and Official Measurements

With the contract signed, your contractor will pull permits and do a final property assessment, attempting to eliminate any potential threats to the timeline or budget. The contractors will establish the pool’s official measurements and boundaries, ensuring you sign off before construction begins.

4. Construction and Setup

After completing the layout, the builder will bring in excavation equipment to dig and turn the earth. They need to create a hole deeper and wider than the pool, providing ample room for pool lines and equipment. The contractor should go over scheduling and timeframe expectations for pool completion.

A swimming pool can offer a wonderful reprieve from day-to-day living, but you should always hire an experienced professional for swimming pool construction. Expertise ensures a proper and legal project.