How the Force of an Ocean Wave Can Affect a Structure

Watch a hurricane or tropical storm and you get a sense of the power of the ocean. Marine construction technologies need to withstand these extreme forces, so it’s essential for construction teams to prepare against the force of an ocean wave. Learn more about the destructive forces of ocean waves and how a leading contractor in your area can provide safe and secure seawalls for your property.

Powerful Ocean Waves

As wind sweeps across the ocean, the resulting energy creates a powerful wave. All this force ebbs and flows as the tides and winds change, but the overall result is a steady hammering against a structure. Even during normal conditions, you may be surprised at the power of ocean ways day in and day out. Properties without seawalls or without the proper seawall construction can end up with severe erosion threatening the foundation of nearby buildings.

Dependable Seawalls

Work with a local leader in marine construction to enjoy a safe and efficient seawall. These sturdy walls successfully absorb the force of a wave, whether during a storm or daily activity. An improperly reinforced seawall needs prompt repairs and adjustments to avoid erosion on your property. Seawalls can be made of concrete or more modern materials, so work with an expert contractor to determine the best option for your property. The right materials can prepare your property for any storm and can reduce the maintenance costs of your seawall construction.

Work With a Local Builder

Protect your beautiful waterfront property with a local leader in marine construction. A seawall is one of the best ways to ensure you continue to enjoy stunning views and unforgettable ocean breeze. Whether you’ve just purchased your property or notice erosion after a particular storm, enjoy long-lasting protection from the effects of waves. Learn more about material options, seawall design features and other factors that go into a reliable wall for your property.