With coastal erosion on the rise, many homeowners seek solutions to prevent further loss of their property. Seawall and marine construction can provide the solution homeowners seek to prevent further devaluation of their property due to loss of land. Here’s how to choose a contractor for your seawall.

Water Erosion Effects

As water laps on the land, it takes particles of sand and dirt back into the ocean or lake. Large bodies of water have a greater effect than small ponds. Water levels are on the rise having an even greater impact. A storm rolling through can cause significant erosion in a short amount of time having a negative impact on your waterfront property.

Marine Seawall Purpose

Construction companies build seawalls to help defend the shoreline against waves. Rivers, lakes and the ocean can all develop strong waves that take away property. A properly constructed seawall preserves the retention of property. The company should evaluate the elements, wake expectations, available materials and ice pressure when determining how to build and construct the seawall. Choose a design that meets your needs while keeping mindful of the environmental impact.

Construction Company Choices

In areas with a large number of waterfront properties, there are likely many companies available to build your seawall. There are a number of factors you should consider before making a decision. The company should have a good reputation and be experts in working with marine construction. A company that focuses on interior remodels may not be the best to create a seawall that can handle high waves. Receive a quote from more than one company and choose the one that meets your budget. Look at testimonials and reviews and go with your gut. The company should create a design, obtain any necessary permits and provide quality checks through the entire installation.

Protect your home and investment with seawall and marine construction. The right company can build a seawall that lasts for years preventing constant erosion of your property.

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