Diving Into Your Pool Construction

It takes a lot of work to get from that first summery vision of a pool in your yard to actually having a completed oasis. From planning and designing, all the way through pool construction and filling, there are endless options to sort through and decisions to make. But don’t let it get you down, it’s not as daunting as it seems.

Before you get started on the construction phase of your pool, it’s a good idea to figure out who exactly you’ll be working with, and make sure you have them set up as your contact person. You’ll probably have a construction coordinator, a sales associate, and a designer all working on the project, and keeping in touch with all of them is key to a smooth pool construction phase. This is especially helpful if any problems arise and need to be dealt with quickly.

As construction starts, don’t let it fall completely into the hands of the workers. Keep your contract on hand, and make sure to keep an eye on the progress that is being made on a daily basis. Different times of year may make for slower or faster progress, depending on weather conditions, but you should have a timeline to go off of when you sign the contract. Make sure that work isn’t falling behind, and that delays in the work are dealt with.

After your pool is done, you have an opportunity to give feedback to your construction company. It may be helpful to take notes throughout the build, writing down concerns or praise for how everything was handled. Let your contractor know how it went, what they did well and what might be improved on. Hopefully they can improve the experience for their next customer.

The lure of a cool swim on a hot summer day is too good to ignore, so don’t delay any longer if you’ve been putting off your pool construction. Get referrals from people you know and find the contractor that fits your needs so you can enjoy the outcome. And once it’s done, make a referral yourself to share your good fortune with the people you know.