Building a Better Pool

Maybe you have always wanted a pool, but never found a place that had one you liked. Or maybe you have a pool, but you don’t love the design it has. No matter what your reason is, having your own custom pool built can be a great experience if you work with pool construction professionals who can guide you through the many phases that go into creating this water-filled, luxury addition to your home.

The first phase is one that every owner wants to be a part of. Designing the pool of your dreams can be an exciting and rewarding experience. A professional can help you find realistic ways to accomplish building your water oasis vision, while still keeping the design structurally sound.

To take your pool dream into reality, there needs to be a properly formed site for your future body of water. Professionals’ next step will be to pregrade the pool site, clearing dirt and debris and painting the final shape of your pool before staking the perimeter of the pool site.

Next, steel rebar will be used to form the ultimate shape of the pool.  A good pool construction crew can usually accomplish this in a day, depending on pool size and design.

With the shape locked in, professionals will now Gunite or Shotcrete your pool, meaning they will lay the concrete that will form the shell of your pool. During this period it will be important for you to hose down the shell two to three times a day for roughly seven to ten days, in order to cure the concrete.

Now your pool has started to really take shape and the more artistic additions can begin. Professionals will add tile and rocks to the shell.

Following additions to your pool, the next couple phases make your vision become real. Professionals will help you with decking and landscaping, then they will install lights and equipment, and, finally, they will plaster the pool to waterproof it.

With your pool construction complete all that is left is to enjoy and swim. And if you want to make any additions later, like adding a hot tub, you will know professionals who can make that a reality.