Different Swimming Pool Designs to Fit Your Style

Having a swimming pool in your backyard is a reward for the entire family. Fun at summer barbeques, ready for quick dips on hot days and supporting a healthy activity to boot, swimming pools bring a lot to the table in terms of their worth. However, having your own unique swimming pool design makes it that much more enjoyable. If you’re considering pool renovation for your home, choose between these common styles to find the ideal pool setting of your dreams.

The Below Ground Style

Considered the most common of the pool styles, the below ground option is an ideal choice for homeowners. You can decide between fiberglass, concrete or vinyl materials, each bringing their own specific benefits depending on what you’re looking for in a pool.

Fiberglass can often be more expensive, but it offers more long-term value as it requires less use of chemicals and no need to replaster. This material generally requires less maintenance and is even shock-absorbent, a factor greater for any earthquake-prone regions. Concrete is another alternative for swimming pool design, great as a weather-resistant material and utilized for its superior strength. You can also design concrete with a selection of different finishes, fashioned to your liking. Finally, vinyl is the least expensive option that’s great for its lasting, smooth surface effect.

The Above-Ground Style

When it comes to swimming pool selections, above ground pools are the easiest to build and the cheapest to purchase. They’re more convenient for those who are on the fence about installing a permanent fixture, as they come in pre-made kits that can be put up or taken down in a matter of days. Above ground pools are beneficial for smaller yards, and are often made of resin, aluminum or steel siding. Best of all, they can be moved at will!

Find your ideal pool style with a swimming pool design that works for your own home. Whether you choose above ground or below ground, your family will undoubtedly enjoy having a relaxing pool nearby during the warmer months.