Pool Renovation Ideas to Enhance Your Space

Spending the warmer months lounging in your backyard pool always feels like a luxury. However, what if you could enhance your current pool, optimizing it with cool modern features and flashy designs? Consider new swimming pool construction with these five renovation ideas to upgrade your space.

Fiber Optic or LED Lights That Make Your Backyard Shine

Choose from white or colored LED lights, fashioned with fiber optic materials that can be inserted into the walls or floors of your pool. They can increase the value of your space while also encouraging visitors to swim in a well-lit environment.

An Electronic Auto-Fill Feature That Always Supplies Water

Since average water levels are known to drop every day due to evaporation or human interaction, the water can essentially become too low and disrupt the work of pool pumps and filters. However, electronic auto fills have the ability to monitor the water level of the pool and fill it whenever necessary.

Purify Your Pool With a Salt Water Chlorinator

If you’re considering swimming pool construction, then the salt water chlorinator option can be a superb, modern answer to enjoying your space. Salt is converted into chlorine through a basic chemical process, increasing the sanitizing effects and eliminating the hassle of monitoring your chlorine levels.

Rebuild The Space in Natural Stone

Give your backyard pool a more authentic feel with a natural stone formation instead of basic tiles. Stonework can add a specific flair to a space, creating a pool that’s the focal point of your backyard.

Enhance The Surface with Durable, Appealing Plaster

New plaster technology allows for more aesthetically-pleasing surface options for your pool. Form a unique pattern with a wide variety of textures and colors, and choose finishes that can be polished or more naturally pebbled.

When you’re looking into swimming pool construction, choose any of these five exciting new ideas for greater landscaping appeal. Your family and friends will notice the difference immediately and enjoy your backyard setting with relish.