What You Must Have for Your Dream Pool

There’s just about nothing more satisfying than taking a dip in your own private pool. Your own peace and quiet, a nice drink on your float, and pool parties whenever you please are just a few of the perks of having a swimming pool at home. There are also a number of special features you can add to your aquatic lair. If you own a pool or are considering a swimming pool installation, review these creative ideas on pool layouts and add-ons to make your pool a nirvana you’ll never want to leave.

At first glance, pool slides are just features for the kids. But who said adults couldn’t have a little fun, too? If your pool is lacking that certain something, consider adding a slide that can meet in the middle with both entertainment and class. Some professionals can arrange slides around beautiful rocks or hillsides to make your pool environment feel more natural. If it’s thrill you’re seeking, perhaps go for a steeper slide at one end of your pool.

Waterfalls are another big hit with pool design. Adding a sophisticated touch, they can give a soothing and tranquil atmosphere to your poolside—think floating slowly around on a lazy afternoon with constant flowing water right in your own backyard. Find an expert who can help you with your waterfall’s placement, height, width, and even special lighting to go underneath.

A wrap-around pool is another popular feature, and can come in a variety of layouts and designs. Try a low-level and narrow wrap-around style if you like to swim early morning laps, or decks on multiple sides of your pool if you like to host large parties.

Whether you have function in mind, festivities, aesthetics, or all of the above, contact an expert in swimming pool installation to go over your ideas and help bring them to life. With the right planning, it won’t be long until you can float away in your own private paradise!