The Long Haul to Pool Construction: 10 Phases to Expect When Building a Pool

Deciding to construct an inground swimming pool on your land requires a person to understand the 10 phases of swimming pool construction and how much time and resources will need to be dedicated to work alongside a contractor as they prepare the land and construct the pool. Swimming pool construction is an undertaking that will require patience through the multi-step process and understanding the steps to get to that beautiful pool you’re dreaming of will help you prepare for it properly.

The contractor will start with designing a pool for your approval before working with a structural engineer to ensure that the pool will be built to standard and fit in with the layout of your land. Permits must be applied for and approved before any construction can begin.

When approval for design and permits are received, the excitement begins as excavators remove all obstacles from the decided location of the pool and begin digging the depth of the pool. They will add forms for the structure of the pool and prepare the location for swimming pool construction.

Then, the initial plumbing and electrical works for heating, suction and return lines, and other lines for gas or electricity are laid ahead of time to anticipate for the upkeep and function of the pool. Steel rebar in the shape of the pool is laid and concrete is then poured in and laid out over the pool’s surface. After about a week’s time, waterline tile is laid in to make the pool easier to clean and more aesthetically pleasing.

At this stage, decking is applied. The deck is what surrounds the pool and most owners choose concrete as it’s easy to clean, lasts long and is inexpensive. By now, you’re ready for equipment. Lights, pool controls and other gadgets to make your new pool ideal will be added at this point in swimming pool construction. With that, all that’s left is plastering the pool to waterproof the surface and filling in the water! This might all seem like a lot of work and waiting, but with the beauty of an inground pool as your outcome, it’s well worth the time and dedication.