The 5 Best Swimming Pool Upgrades

The best upgrades to an existing swimming pool construction increase your comfort and safety and save you time, energy and money. Consider incorporating these five upgrades into your pool remodel.

1. Alternatives to Traditional Chlorine Sanitizers

The most popular pool upgrade is a saltwater conversion. Unlike traditional chlorine systems or salty ocean water, saltwater pools are known for being gentle on the eyes and skin. These systems convert salt into disinfecting chlorine molecules. Other alternatives to traditional chlorine systems include ozone and UV light systems.

2. Automatic Pool Covers

Automatic pool covers benefit homeowners in several ways. First they provide a one-button user experience that makes it easy to use each day. Secondly, they promote safety by protecting the pool when not in use to prevent small children and pets from drowning. A third benefit is that they help maintain the pool temperature and reduce evaporation. Lastly, automatic pool covers help keep pools free from debris, such as fallen leaves.

3. Water and Light Features

Water features and LED lights can be programmed to work in tandem for dazzling effects. Water features, such as waterfalls in fountains, add visual interest and a soothing soundscape. In addition, LED lights add a fun, modern twist, regardless of the type of original swimming pool construction. They are typically available in a rainbow of colors and color-changing options to set the mood for any occasion.

4. Water Heater

A water heater lets you use your pool comfortably more often. There are two energy-saving alternatives to traditional gas pool heaters to consider. The more green option is a solar heater, which has no operating cost since it uses energy from the sun. The second option is a thermal electric heat pump, which heats the pool with outside air when the temperature is above 50 degrees Fahrenheit.

5. Pool Coping Replacement

Pool coping is the border around a pool edge that separates it from the deck. When coping gets cracked or chipped, it can cause serious damage to the pool over time. As such, it’s important to hire an experienced repair professional.

By making one or more of these upgrades, you can enhance your original swimming pool construction for years to come. Consult with a professional to get started on your pool upgrades today.