7 Reasons To Invest In a Pool Cover

Few things make a backyard more exciting and alluring than a swimming pool. Put one of these on your property and you’ll become the talk of the neighborhood. While a pool will add an element of fun to your life, it will also require a high degree of maintenance and care. If you fail to take appropriate measures to protect your pool, you could find yourself paying for extensive repairs and upkeep. You can avoid many problems by simply investing in a pool cover. Here are some reasons why this addition to your pool is a no brainer.

Make Cleanup Easier

Inevitably, the wind will blow toys, leaves, tree branches and even trash into your pool. Before every use, you would want to remove this from your water. However, a pool cover will prevent these items from getting into the water.

Put Safety First

Nothing spells danger more than unattended little children and an open swimming pool. Putting a secure cover over the water will minimize this risk.

Keep the Water Comfortable

The thought of jumping into a cold pool will keep guests away. However, with an effective pool cover, you can trap warm air in the water, making the temperature pleasant.

Save Energy

Conserving energy is an important consideration for anyone who owns a swimming pool. Evaporating water means lost BTUs and the more you’ll need to use to keep your pool going.

Keep the Water In

Adding a cover to your pool will help reduce evaporation considerably. This means you don’t have to worry about adding fresh water.

No Need for Excess Chemicals

With evaporating water comes evaporating chemicals such as chlorine. Covering the pool will reduce your need to pump in additional chemicals.

Keep Money in Your Pocket

These things all add up to big money savings. Putting a pool cover on your swimming pool can make a huge difference.