Regular pool maintenance is the secret to pristine, swimmable water. Some pool owners choose to rely on a service company while others tackle common problems themselves. No matter what your approach is, there are some common steps that can be taken to ensure the health of your water now and the condition of your pool for years to come.

Some of the steps that can be taken to preserve your pool are very logical. Removing debris from the water and filtration baskets will not only make the pool more enjoyable to swim in, it will increase the efficiency of the circulation system and reduce the amount of chlorine necessary to keep the water healthy. Depending on the size of your pool, a hand skimmer may be a big enough tool to help remove debris. Larger pools might require a vacuuming system.

Vacuuming can be a regular part of pool maintenance as well. Beyond removing debris, it can help minimize calcium and algae buildup on the floor and walls of your pool. Both of these problems can impact the quality of the water and the long-term health of your pool. There are a variety of vacuums and cleaning tools available, and they should be chosen depending on what your pool is made of.

Maintaining the water level in your pool is important no matter what size or kind of pool you have. Regular use and evaporation can combine to reduce water levels. If the height of the water drops too much, the pump could be damaged by not receiving the proper amount of water. If the pool is closed for the season, it is still important to preserve water levels, as the pressure from the water helps the pool maintain its shape.

The proper winterization and opening of a pool will help you get your pool swimmable more quickly. The requirements for pool maintenance will vary based on the type of pool you own, so be sure to consult guides and manuals published by the manufacturer before using or fixing equipment.

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