Luxury Home Trends For 2015

Are you considering remodeling or building a new luxury home in Fort Lauderdale? If you want to be able to take advantage of the latest and greatest features that luxury homes have to offer today, here are some of the hot trends for 2015. Remember, even though these are popular trends you should make sure your space is a reflection of your unique personality.
It is also important to work with one of the luxury home builders Fort Lauderdale has such as GSM Builders to ensure you get the results you are looking for. That said, let’s get to the trends:

Shower Rooms

These have been extremely popular in Europe for a while—even for the last few hundred years—but the trend is starting to take shape in Florida’s luxury homes as well. While there have been a lot of great custom bathrooms built over the years, having a dedicated room that is specifically designed for showering is a great addition. Shower rooms are easier to clean, there are many luxurious showerheads that can make it feel like you’re at a spa, and they just make your home unique. A very popular trend is to make Asian inspired shower rooms that feel like you are bathing under a Japanese waterfall.

Green Energy

Global warming and other environmental issues have been one of the hottest topics for a few years now and it is affecting the designs of some luxury home builders Fort Lauderdale is home to. Having solar panels installed, green lighting, and using renewable materials (such as bamboo flooring) is quite popular.

Integrated Technology

Perhaps the fastest growing trend for new homes is the adoption of smart technology in just about everything. Controlling blinds, lights, garage doors, and just about everything else you can think of by iPhone is possible now and using this technology is becoming a hallmark of luxury homes. Contact GSM Builders, LLC today to find out more about the products and brands we carry!