Helpful Pool Lighting Tips

With summer already in full swing, make sure you’ve addressed all of your pool needs so you can jump right in and enjoy the season in luxury. In addition to regular maintenance, lighting can also drastically improve the aesthetics and safety of your swimming pool. Check out these quick pool lighting tips to spruce up your poolside.

You may have seen the latest obsession with LED lighting, but have you thought about using it in your pool, as well? Put aside those outdated, blinding spotlights on the opposite ends of your pool, and switch to the lighting that everyone is raving about. LED lights offer a colorful, less abrasive lighting that can illuminate your entire pool. Installed in piping through the walls of your pool, these lights can also be altered via computerized color wheel to enhance a relaxing evening or pep up a festive party.

Another option for lighting up your pool is low-voltage lighting. A more standard alternative, this type of lighting is soft and uses less energy than other types of pool lights. Try getting creative with the placement of your low-voltage lights by positioning them in nearby bushes or pottery. This swimming pool lighting also ensures safety when lounging around your pool in the evening hours. They can be comforting while the kids are out for a nighttime swim, as you can keep a close eye on what’s around. They also offer an inviting warmth to your pool area.

Whichever lighting you opt for, look toward home design inspirations and consider strategically placing your lights on pathways and in trees to brighten up your patio and liven up your summer. Whether your pool is above or in-ground, considering some pool lighting tips can help you transform your outdoor environment and make your home a private haven of entertainment and relaxation.