Is Your Pool Coping Damaged?

Your pool coping is essential to the structural integrity and safety of the pool. To make sure your pool is in good condition, check for signs of coping damage and address problems right away to avoid high costs for pool deck replacement.

Pool coping comes in several materials, including stone, concrete and aluminum. It covers and maintains the rigidity of the swimming pool shell wall and also prevents water damage to the deck. The coping offers a safe, non-slippery surface for standing and a handhold once you’re in the water.

Pool coping receives heavy use as swimmers stand and jump on it, and cleaning equipment also takes a toll. Check coping for loose tiles, cracks or crumbling mortar. As the damage worsens, tiles may fall off entirely, exposing sharp edges that are harmful to swimmers.

Cracks and missing tiles allow water into the coping and ultimately under the deck, where it erodes the pool’s foundation. In outdoor pools, water in the cracks may freeze and expand, acceleration erosion. The longer you ignore the damage, the more expensive your pool coping replacement will be.

In replacing pool coping, you can chose from multiple materials and designs. Rough cut copings use rough stone for a textured, natural, beautiful and sturdy design. Rolled edge copings can be made from most coping materials and offer a handy upturned edge for swimmers to grab. Finally, the cantilever coping comes shaped in a stylish “L” that enhances the apparent size of the deck.

If you select concrete coping, you and your contractor can determine whether poured or precast coping best suits your needs. Poured concrete gives your pool clean lines and provides more unity with the deck, whereas precast concrete is not only simpler to install but also more uniform throughout.

When you spot signs of damage in your pool coping, don’t cross your fingers and hope it won’t get worse. Contact us at GSM Builders and we’ll help you with your pool coping replacement to keep your pool beautiful and safe. To learn more, click here for a free quote.