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Installing a new swimming pool or repairing or remodeling your existing pool is a large investment. When it comes to financing, you want a low interest rate, and we’ve made it easier to get one, with your good to excellent credit. GSM Builders is a proud partner of LightStream. Here are some of the benefits of financing with LightStream and AMS Financial to give you the best financing with the best pool builde

  • Interest Rate Matters: When you have solid credit, LightStream’s fixed-interest rates on swimming pool loans begin as low as 3.99%* APR with AutoPay. And no prepayment penalties or fees of any kind.
  • You Call the Shots: LightStream enables you to act as a cash buyer, with funds in your account that you can use to pay the contractor when you’re ready. You choose your loan amount, ranging from $5,000 to $100,000, and you set your repayment terms.
  • Preserve Your Home Equity: Home equity loans often require appraisals, time-consuming processes, and lots of paperwork. A LightStream loan is a fast and easy option, with funds in your account as today.

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Cash loans for Pool and Home Improvement is one of the most requested products by consumers, which is why at AMS Financial we offer the best pool financing options. Learn more about your options why you apply for a pool loan through AMS Financial.

  • There are over 40 different 0% credit card programs that can be used for home improvement. There are 0% cards that go as long as 18 months and you can be approved in as fast as 30 seconds with a simple one page application.
  • Additionally if you are looking for a term loan or an unsecured loan with no prepayment penalty for home improvement we recommend that you also use the loan search function below to help narrow down the best options for your specific needs and credit situation.